Mark Howe (Bassist)

Mark Howe, also known as “DaFunkmaster”, who plays the bass. Mark, an extraordinary bassist, has mastered the groove across genres but specializes in Blues, Soul, and Funk. He played with the Jeff Healey Band in the mid-80s and led his own band, Spectrum, until 2020 when he became a full-time bassist for GARNETTA CROMWELL & DaGROOVMASTERS.

Robin Houston (Drummer)

Robin Houston was born in a small Northern Ontario community. His mother was a musician and he always listened to her play the piano, which inspired him to pick up a set of drumsticks. Robin received his first drumkit when he was 8 years old. Robin played with local bands and would often sub in when needed. Robin moved to Southern Ontario in 1980 and his drums were a hobby until he joined The Whiskey Chasers, a band from the Hamilton, ON region. He continued to play with The Whiskey Chasers until he fully committed to become the full-time drummer for GARNETTA CROMWELL & DaGROOVMASTERS.

Toshi "T-Bird" Otani (Guitarist)

Toshihiro Otani, the lead guitarist known as “Toshi”, was born and raised in Japan. Toshi taught himself to play guitar at the age of 12. He was part of Tokyo’s Chicago-style blues scene before moving to Canada in 2013.