Blues Blast Magazine

Issue 17-49 December 21, 2023

 “Time To Shine” is Canadian singer-songwriter Garnetta Cromwell’s debut release and is a very impressive soul/blues/R&B release. The album opens with a swinging tribute to Cromwell’s mother, “Miss Marva Ann”. Autobiographical lyrics are an excellent reflection of what is to be found on the rest of the album. Many of the lyrics on Time to Shine celebrate strong, powerful women! Cromwell is a superb soul-blues singer combining technical virtuosity with deep passion and humanity. Many of the songs have neat earworms of a chorus, for example on the funky “Weekend” or the irresistibly positive tongue-in-cheek “It’s A Woman World”. Time To Shine is a highly enjoyable album. Cromwell is a major talent, and it will be fascinating to see where this path leads her. 

- Rhys “Lightning'” Williams